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Detect and remove Alternate Data Stream from your pc with Free ADS Scanner (See all)

Does your computer seem to have a virus or you think a hijacker has entered your pc? But when you run the anti-malware program nothing appears? This is because, hijackers hide their files in ADS, and so, they work unseen. ADS Scanner is a simple and small program which will enable you to remove all the Alternate Data Stream from your pc. But, what are ADS? Well, they are pieces of hidden information on NTFS drivers, which the explorer or other anti-malware detectors are unable to find and delete. Most usually, hackers use these Aternate Data Streams to enter your hard disk and obtain information importan for you, or take command of your computer. These ADS can also be hidden on Windows files or in some folders, this is why you have the option to choose which parts of the pc you want to scan. But, be carefull, some of these ADS are completely safe, so you have to be sure they are bad before deleting them. Plus, you have the option of selecting to Ignore safe ADS before proceeding to the scanning. Once they are found, their location and size is displayed and you can choose to remove all or some of them. All this is done in very few steps and the program is very easy to run, so help will hardly be necessary.

Jorge Migel
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